About me

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Jerzy Grzechnik and it's worth mentioning that despite having studied in the faculty of International Business at the the Warsaw Universty, I am fortunate enough to be earning a living in a completely different way. Namely as a singer.

Education and first steps on a proffessional stage

I started off in the year 2004 by attending a non-public vocal school Jerzego Wasowskiego in Warsaw. While pursuing my music education I was granted a scholarship in an artistic academy Aero Folkehojskole in Denmark, where I spent one semester. I deeply wanted to gather as much stage experience as possible, thus I became a member of a gospel choir and began singing in two amateur bands playing rock, funk, soul and jazz. In the year 2007 I went professional and got employed in Studio Buffo, one of the most renowned and prestigious musical theatres in Warsaw. I was also given the leading role of Jan in Metro - the first ever Polish musical, today considered as a classic.

Television Shows

At that time, two series of television shows were broadcast by Polish National Television - one of them was called Przebojowa Noc (Night of Hits) and the other Złota Sobota (Golden Saturday). Within the framework of these shows, I had an opportunity to sing a selection of songs from distinct cultural circles and in different languages. For the most part, they included the Classics of Pop and Rock Music like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Wind of Change" or "Freedom". My interpretations of those songs can be found on a CD entitled "Hity Buffo Vol.2 - Jerzy Grzechnik", which was released by Studio Buffo in the year 2013.

National Contest and personal challenges

Another step forward in the professional carreer constituted my participation in one of the most well-known national polish festivals - Opole 2008. I took part in a concert of debutants and as a result of votes given to me by the viewers, I was granted the title of the best debut singer of the year 2008. Throughout the last few years I have been intensely working in Studio Buffo (performing in nearly 20 types of music-related plays), from time to time making guest appearances in concerts or other television shows. In 2014 I even took part in the fifth edition of "The Voice of Poland" and reached the stage of quarter-finals. It wasn't the end of my experience in TV entertainment. Two years later, in 2016 I was invited to imitate worldwide famous singers in the Polish edition of "Your Face Sounds Familiar". I worked alongside a vast number of famous Polish artists and sound directors, was invited to various radio stations and got partially engaged in dubbing. Yet most importantly, I have been putting together material for my own debut album.

And the Future?

I am always utterly enthusiastic about any music-related challenges and willing to participate in new projects, so do not hesitate to contact me! If you haven't dozed off while plunging into the depths of my career path, feel free to take a look at a short video presentation outlining some of my artistic achievements.

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